Tuesday, February 11, 2020

ADS 5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

ADS 5 - Essay Example The visual effects included in the advert undeniably play a huge role in attracting the target audience. This is in light of the fact that it engages the audience, thereby making them experience what the reality can provide (Dan, 2015). The color schemes similarly help convey the level of sophistication that comes with the Audi brand. Interpersonal factors such as family for example, are likely to influence the perception held by the consumers. As those with larger families will have preference for vehicles with substantial space, while those without families may opt for smaller cars. Ads for adidas (www.adidas.com) capture the attitude and lifestyle of its target market: athletic young people around the world who define themselves by their athletic achievements. This series of ads, placed at intervals throughout the Boston Marathon, was intended to simultaneously motivate runners as they hit certain points in their progress as well as reinforce key values shared by all athletes, which adidas hopes to embody. In as much as the Adidas advert majorly targets active athletes, it similarly targets those who actively take part in other sporting activities such as basketball, rugby and football among others. The key behavior of those targeted by the advert is their preference for comfortable and high quality clothing and other sporting apparels. At the same time, the audience targeted is achievers under the VALS platform The visual effects incorporated within the advert have made the target audience not only feel appreciated, but valued by Adidas. At the same time, the target audience has been able to hold adidas products in high regard, as the visuals have made them feel part of the operations and dynamics at Adidas Corporation. The environment within which the audience operates is likely to influence their perception of the products (Venkateson, 2014). The audiences who operate under extremely cold environments are likely to opt for products that help them

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